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“He is very personable & caring. I would recommend him to anyone for surgery. He’s awesome!”

Judee S.

“I got to be honest, When I was told I needed to have surgery to repair a hernia, I really had no idea where to go or who to see. I was recommended to Dr. LeCheminant by my Cardiologist and from Day one I was highly impressed. I cant state enough the wonderful bedside manner I received while in the hospital. There aren’t many doctors who take the kind of time he does to talk and to listen to the patient. I pray I never need another hernia operation but if I do I know who I am calling.”

Valorie J.

“He was excellent!! Very caring and explained everything! Great doctor!!”


I saw Dr. Morrow yesterday and he did an amazing job of removing a lipoma from my temple. I had some anxiety about it and I calmed down and he did an amazing job!! Thank you.

Jacque M

Professional with just enough friendly to make my experience a 5 star experience! Referred a friend so it will be interesting to hear what her experience will be like.

Shelly R.

“Thank you for getting me through my surgery safe and sound! Also thank you for your kind & supporting staff.”

Lori B.

Dear Jennifer Lemert,
I am so extremely thankful to have been able to speak with you about my health. I have never ever met a provider that has been so personable and been able to provide me with nothing but facts. I went through a traumatic experience and saw so many different doctors, but after our visit, I feel like I finally have an answer. I have never felt more at ease than I do now after speaking with you. My road to recovery will be much easier knowing that I have a provider on my side that understands what I’m going through and is willing to help every step of the way. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for being so amazing.

Mackenzie C.

Dr LeCheminant is an excellent physician very thorough makes sure that everything he’s doing is explained in layman’s terms that you’ll understand to be able to make decisions for yourself.

Tony H.

“Dear Dr. LeCheminant, Thank you so very much for saving my life. You and your staff have been so kind throughout my difficult ordeal. You have given me back to my husband and four children. I will forever be in your debt.”

Amy S.

“Dear Dr. LeCheminant, I wanted to thank you for your candid honesty. You have made this otherwise bumpy road for us very smooth. Thanks for being down to earth and a real person.”

Dawn F.

“I have had a partial colectomy and a Fundoplication surgery with Dr LeCheminant. He goes above and beyond to make me feel human and comfortable from beginning to end. I cannot recommend him enough if you are in need of safe, compassionate, care. Every time I met with the Dr he never rushed an answer or failed to listen. My incisions are all well dressed and recovered properly. The options are out there for choice of who you use, but this surgeon is top notch, down to earth, honest, and caring.”

Zaak W.

Dr.LeCheminant is a very skilled, thorough, and meticulous Surgeon. Very good man. I would recommend him for any surgeries or procedures!
5 stars*****

Debbie H.

“I owe my beautiful life to Dr. LeCheminant. After a fall on ice, over the next six days I was desperately searching for relief of the most terrible pain I had ever experienced, along with breathing difficulties. I went to ER 3 times and my doctor, delirious for some help. I was x-rayed twice and sent home with a few pain pills that had no effect. I feel like I was profiled as a person hooked on opiods. So much crying and moaning for relief. On day six I Googled surgeon’s near me. Calling the first one with 5 stars, I was referred to Dr. LeCheminant. His office worked me in immediately and a CT scan was ordered. He found I had 12 fractures in 5 ribs, and a flail chest, which is most serious. The surgery took 5 hours to plate 5 of the ribs. I was in ICU for only 24 hours and the surgery was so successful that I was released to go home. Amazingly I have very little pain left. How lucky I am to have found him, being the only surgeon to do that kind of surgery in the Matanuska Valley. His staff was so caring, and he is so skilled, professional and compassionate. I truly believe he saved my life, when no one was listening to my cries for help. How do you thank someone for giving one the gift of awakening to play another day. I will be 67 in July. I am so blessed. If it wasn’t for him, I don’t know how long I could have fought for another beautiful day. Thank you, your staff and the professional folks at our valley hospital for this life I love. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. ☮️❤️

Denise S.

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